Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Spring Gift for You!

Finally, my friends—it's here.

The day we've all been awaiting.

The day that kept us going through those dreary, chilly winter days...

SPRING! Tra la!

To celebrate the happiest of days...

 I'm giving away a “Spring into Spring” gift to one lucky, randomly selected reader!

Look! Books! Plants! Seeds! And a tub!

The lucky winner will receive:

The Heirloom Tomato: From Garden to Table by Amy Goldman. This is a seriously gorgeous book, filled with stunning photography, amazing history, and recipes, too! It was the first book I bought when I began my heirloom adventure. (You'll get a new copy—not mine!)

Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces by Gayla Trail. This is a great how-to book. It's the perfect book for those who are land-challenged. Don't have a big backyard? No worries, you can grow a great harvest in containers! I like it, because even though we do have a yard, I still enjoy growing in containers on the balcony. 

OK, maybe I'm lazy, but it's so nice to open a door, pick some herbs, and keep cooking dinner.

Plus—you get recipes! And instructions to preserve your harvest! You'll really like this book.

I'm also sending the winner some seeds from my favorite sources: Baker's Creek Heirloom Seeds and Seed Savers Exchange. Honestly, if you haven't visited these sites yet—please do. You will be amazed at the wonderful selections you'll find. (Plus, they're just really good people.)

Plus—who doesn't need a garden tub? I love these little tubs—they're great for collecting weeds, mixing soil with amendments, and carrying compostables to the bin.

And finally—the winner will receive six, organic heirloom tomatoes from Garden Delights! (Yes, that's me!) The plants still need some more greenhouse time, but look at these roots, my friends! This is why I use organic, OMRI certified Dot Pots. When you plant these babies, you plant the entire pot—and the roots aren't disturbed. The winner can select six plants from the Garden Delights site, and I'll send you the secret code so that they will be FREE.

BUT—that's not all!

Everyone is a winner on the first day of spring! 

Today through April 1, my friends...you ALL get 25% off any Garden Delights order! Just enter the code GROWING2012 at checkout, and you'll receive your discount. (If you're in Upstate SC, please remember you can pick up your plants at The Urban Planter. No shipping charges for you!!! And, you can find some gorgeous containers and garden décor while you're there!)

For your chance to win the “Spring into Spring” gift, please leave a comment below or on the Garden Delights Facebook page, answering this very important question:

What is your favorite garden treat?

Are you a tomato girl? Love flowers? Can't wait for the first spring peas?

The giveaway begins NOW and will continue until April 1 at midnight EST. (And if you'd like to follow this blog or “Like” Garden Delights on Facebook, I'd be most grateful—but it won't affect your chance to win!)

UPDATE: Because I'm new to this giveaway thing, I completely forgot an important note: the winner must reside in the contiguous United States. I can't ship plants to Alaska, Hawaii, or abroad (and honestly, you wouldn't want me to...those would be some very sad plants by the time they arrived! Sorry for any inconvenience...)

Happy spring to you!!!

XO ~



  1. My favorite garden delight is currently Rosemary, BUT, I am hoping to change this with some plans to start a (small)veggie/herb garden in my backyard!

  2. Love tomatoes and im a flower girl also, and can't wait to taste those first peas! would love to win!

  3. Love the first sweet cherry tomato of the season, but most of all I love planting the garden with my kids' help. :)

  4. Theres nothing better than a slab of tomato on white bread with dukes mayo, salt, and pepper, so I'd have to go with TOMATO!

  5. EEK from Julie! So sorry, there was a little technical difficulty with four earlier posts that, for some reason, aren't showing up here. I've e-mailed those readers and have your info to enter into the contest. I think the nonsense is fixed now--so sorry!

  6. looks like these comments will go through (familiar format). can't remember what i said before... great looking tomatoes!

  7. My Favorite Garden Delight...oh so many things run through my mind...the first little baby plants that turn into bigger plants that grow the first little baby tomatoes, that grow into the most beautiful CHEROKEE PURPLE TOMATOES on my plate, in my mouth, in my tummy. That is my most favorite Garden Delight.

  8. Just found your site on Pinterest and boy am I glad. I am a brand new gardener and I can't tell you how much I am loving it.

    I have two mater plants that I bought already going and they are...okay...I got brave and started 10 plants from seed. 8 sprouted and I just recently transplanted them into a raised bed. They are doing SPLENDID. I can't wait for them to bear fruit.

    Now I must go read your archives.

    Happy spring!
    Karen Syed

  9. We are just glad you live up the street to help us "garden dummies" from killing everything!! I like the tomatoes, but for some reason am obsessed w/growing my own pumpkins! Not sure why, but I am! My friend says it is b/c it is the "ultimate craft" to grow your own & then decorate it. Well, I can't disagree b/c we ALL know how I am with the crafts!!!!

  10. Since I am your sister, I know I can't win, but I just want everyone to know that your heirloom plants are the BEST, and I also get a chuckle of knowing you smell like a fish after using the fish emulsion (?) on your plants. Garden Delights is awesome!

  11. You're really in to spring!
    I love planting tomatoes! Homegrown tomatoes are the best juicy one!
    Current garden treat in my garden are beans!

  12. I am going to have to say sweet peas. This is the first year we have planted them and I can not wait to see how they produce because I love them...

  13. Every spring, my first salad of leaf lettuce from the garden is such a refreshing treat after the months and months of root vegetables and winter greens. I can't believe my favorite garden treat is LETTUCE, of all things, but for me it's the perfect celebration of transition from winter to spring.

  14. tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes...with basil!!

  15. I'm in love with fresh strawberries! There is nothing better than eating a fresh picked berry.

  16. It's hard to decide. My very first home grown cucumber was a revelation, but being able to step out the door and grab any old herb I need is just so handy...

  17. Growing my first garden this spring! My favorite garden treat at this point is fresh mint to stick in my iced tea!

  18. I've already started a few varieties of heirloom tomatoes and I'm so excited!

  19. oh, what a nice giveaway, we love our fresh veggies, especially white cukes!

  20. I love love love tomatoes, and my favorite is a summer tomato sandwich! This is our first year trying a garden, so this would be lovely to win! Great little starter kit :)

  21. I love tomatoes....and peppers.....and squash!!!!Flowers are great too!!! I tried growing the heirlooms last summer but I didn't have much luck with them.I shall try again this summer!!! I must leave now and go dig in the dirt!!!!

  22. I'm definitely a tomato girl. I love heirloom tomatoes. Would love to win some plants!

  23. For me it's too hard to decide. Nothing like the first sweet red strawberry, but then eating fresh shucked peas remind me of my childhood and eating from my grandparents garden. But what is better than a huge ripe tomato smashed into a toasted tomato mayo sandwich. I just love it all! Thanks for this great blog too, I love to see Chicken Mama and her babies, so jealous and living vicariously for now!

  24. I really like fresh tomatoes!

  25. I really like fresh tomatoes and must beat my wife to them!

  26. Caprese salad with fresh (warm) tomatoes straight out of the garden. Can't wait!