Monday, March 12, 2012

Plant a Flower—(Or Help Me, Please!)

Today is National Plant a Flower Day. Who knew? You'd think that someone like me—you know, the obsessive compulsive hoarder of seed catalogs—might have known about this all-important holiday before I checked Facebook this morning. How did I almost miss the celebration?

Fortunately, I'm prepared for any gardening emergency, especially one that involves celebrating flowers.

You see, once upon a time, in October 2011, a proclamation entered my in-box.

Save 40%! All bulbs on sale!”

Suddenly, images of daffodils planted throughout the forest, rows of Casablanca lilies outlining the vegetable garden, and pots of amaryllis adorning every tabletop filled my brain.

We're talking about 40% off wholesale pricing, my friends.

Click. Click. Yes, please, add to cart.

Heirloom lilies? Well. I must add those. It would be sacrilegious not to grow them, given my heirloom plant business.


Fritillaria? Oooooh. I just saw a lovely bouquet a floral designer created that incorporated fritillaria.


Tulips? Well, who can have just one variety when there are so many fabulous choices?

Click. Click. Click.

Consider mine a cautionary tale.

Twelve hundred bulbs later...

I've been planting the poor babies in waves, and I'm happy to report—the Ziva paperwhites are blooming their little heads off. The tulips that have made it into the beds are also doing well. I planted bulbs with the students in my son's first-grade class, and they've survived the extreme love of the 6-year-olds. (So far.) 

But—there are hundreds of potential blooms still asleep in their boxes.

Today, after I spend the morning in the greenhouse potting up tomatoes and peppers for clients, I will find a home for these poor, unfortunate bulbs who are withering away in the dark.

After all, it's National Plant a Flower Day.

I must do my part.

Happy Plant a Flower Day!

XO ~



  1. That's a lot of bulbs! Wow! Happy gardening for the spring season! ;)

  2. Would you mind sharing where you purchased these bulbs? I'd love to see what "wholesale" pricing is like since I'm always underwhelmed by prices in stores, especially when I'm so used to buying seeds and getting dozens of plants for a few dollars.

  3. @Brian, I ordered them through Van Engelen--and it was 40% off the wholesale price, which was so much fun! However, I still haven't finished planting all of the bulbs...oh my. (I think the sale started in October or November?) Good luck!