Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days.

It snowed. A lot. Well, at least for Upstate South Carolina, six inches of snow qualifies for a blizzard. Scoff, you northern friends—but add a layer of ice on top of the six inches of snow, subtract major road-clearing equipment, and the southeast shuts down. The southern folk must live on a French toast diet during snowstorms. As soon as a flurry flutters, bread, milk, and eggs fly off the grocery stores' shelves.
(Seriously, we get nervous with the ice-business. Some of us have lived through week-long power outages after a particularly nasty ice storm. It's not pretty.)

So, we're on day number two of no school, the kids are still in PJs, and even Peter is lounging on the sofa.

I, however, am busy.

While the neighbors are sledding and the dogs are playing like little kids in the backyard winter wonderland, I'm playing, too.

In the dirt.

Spring is coming, and my first round of planting—fraise des bois (alpine strawberries) and about 30 varieties of herbs--is well underway. In a month, it will be time for tomato-craziness, but right now, my downstairs gardening is still in the blissed-out, relaxed mode.

A few seedlings here....

...a few transplants there...

....a few frosty trips to the greenhouse...

...and a blooming bougainvillea, just for your viewing pleasure.

(I highly recommend greenhouses to combat seasonal affective disorder—or just to escape the snow and cold for a few minutes and surround yourself with flowers and greenery. My mood definitely improves after a trip to the greenhouse.)

Spring is coming, I promise.

See? The first little sign of deliciousness to come...

Until then, stay warm, travel safely (or not at all), and dream of summer.

 XO ~


P.S. Just found out that we'll have another snow day tomorrow. Perhaps I'll put the kids to work...what are the child labor laws regarding family businesses? I need some seed trays scrubbed. Hmmm...


  1. Beautiful photo of the cardinal. Very nice blog to read on this ice-bound day!

  2. glad you are staying busy! I'm actually bored out of my mind!

  3. We too are buried in snow. I would love to have a greenhouse, it would no doubt impove everybody's mood on these drab days. Thanks for posting!