Friday, March 15, 2013

The (Almost) Spring Garden--Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Ah, South can you not love a place where the temperatures are 75 degrees one day, then 40 degrees the next? Our temperature fluctuations definitely keep us on our toes! 

March's longer days help combat my winter blues. The added hours of daylight into the evening foreshadow upcoming summer nights, when our family has no agenda besides playing in the pool past normal school bedtimes. The extra light promises that yes, spring is coming...only a few short days now, and my favorite--and busiest--season will arrive. 

Already, bulbs show their sweet, early blooms.

The first hyacinths appeared in a pastel rainbow, with more tardily planted hyacinth bulbs just beginning to emerge. (Of course, I planned it that way, so we'd have the sweet fragrance of hyacinths throughout the spring. My tardy planting had nothing to do with over-ordering bulbs and not finding time to plant them.)

Our sweet 'Icicle Follies' daffodils continue to charm, but many blooms look tired. I need to add more late-blooming daffodils to the garden. 

A few late-planted snow drops remain... do equally late-planted paperwhites. What can I say? Procrastination paid off for March Bloom Day!

We left the leaves to serve as a protective mulch over the winter, and now we face the task of cleaning them out and ordering our hardwood mulch. Still, looking carefully through the layers of leaves, I spotted the first grape hyacinth peeking through its protective coat. Such adorable little blooms.

Also emerging through the leaves is the first sign of the peonies. I've only spotted one so far, and I can't wait for the others to emerge and fill the yard--and my vases--with their frilly beauty.

I've been eagerly anticipating the blooms of the fall-planted witchhazel. For such a young plant, it's putting on a nice show--and the scent is divine.

Hellebores continue to star in the garden. I'm amazed at the profusion of new plants and blooms I've found. From the original five plants purchased more than 10 years ago, we have hundreds of hellebores throughout the garden. They're practically invasive--and I love it! I just found dozens of new babies to transplant. Now, that's my kind of flower!

Oreo found something interesting in the patch of hellebores in our back garden.

Our camellias are bursting with buds and blooms. They deserve a better position in the garden, as the majority of our camellias reside on the side of the house where no one can enjoy their show.

The forsythia, on the other hand, greets visitors in the front yard with its showy splash of color. Forsythia bushes are scattered throughout the garden, and it's amazing how the different microclimates affect the appearance of blooms on forsythia. Some bushes are full of flowers, while others are just beginning to burst from their buds.

Buds are swelling everywhere in the garden, with a few early blossoms appearing on the cherry tree.

Next month, loropetalum blooms will be ready for Bloom Day.

Ah, the first blooms of fraise des bois! My mouth is watering for these tiny berries. Not much longer until we'll be harvesting fruits in the garden.

A sweet violet emerges from its leaf blanket. We find tiny violets throughout our forest. I can't wait for all of the forest wildflowers to emerge.


I think this is a turtlehead that I planted last fall, but with kids, cats, chickens, and our pups Chloe (left) and Sophie (right)...

...the marker disappeared. Ah well, such is the life of a busy garden!

To visit more gardens, please stop by May Dreams Gardens and say hello to Carol, who hosts Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

Happy Bloom Day to you!




  1. Wow! Lots of blooms in your garden in March! I think that your lost ID plant might be a pulmonaria. Hooray for almost spring, longer days and SF!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Still have a long time before we see any of that here but still it gives me hope spring might arrive one of these weeks.

    Northern Wisconsin

  3. Nice, especially the plants we don't have like camellias and loropetalums! Finally seeing our ornamental and real fruiting trees about to pop...and the forsythia in the older areas are going gangbusters. Spring!

  4. Oh so lovely and so far ahead of we here in Zone 5. Wish I could grow camelias in the garden. Beautiful!

  5. Good looking dogs...I think I have the same type of Camellias..they ever turn peach in the sun?

  6. You have much in bloom to welcome in Spring, but I think your pups steal the show.

  7. You had a lot of blooms for March! I think most of the ones I have now I had in February...this cold weather is really annoying. I did get peonies coming up way early this year. My dog ran over them on the way to catch his favorite stick, but they're back and looking fairly vigorous. The sprouting/blooming times for things is unusual this year!

  8. I agree with outlawgardener, the mysterious plant is Pulmonaria... looks like Raspberry Splash.
    You had a lot blooming for Bloom Day!

  9. Yay for spring! I love the Witch Hazel...I've never been able to smell the fragrance before...must try again next spring :-)