Saturday, October 13, 2012

If You Take a Sister to a Soccer Game...

If you take a sister to a soccer game...

...she will wander away to look for animals. If she wanders away to look for animals, she will find a friend.

If she finds a friend, she will want to find it a friend, too. 

If she finds two fence lizards, she'll generously offer to give one to her little brother.

If she offers to give one to her little brother, she'll think the lizards are pets.

If she thinks the lizards are pets, she'll want to take them home.

If she wants to take them home, her mother will command her to release them back to nature.

Right now!

If she releases the lizards back to nature, her mother will search her pockets to make certain she really released the lizards.

If she really released the lizards, she'll have fun again next Saturday at her little bother's soccer game.

If she has fun catching lizards next Saturday, they still won't come home to become part of the menagerie.

The end.

XO ~