Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jack-O'-Lantern in July.

If you find a perfect pumpkin in the compost bin, you know you have to make it into a jack-o'-lantern, even if it is July.


Of course, getting two children to agree on a theme for one pumpkin is rather tricky. Thus, our summer-themed jack-o'-lantern includes a sun, a moon, and a palm tree. 

As an extremely tired mother, I let go of my normal compulsion to talk them into something cuter. It was, after all, 10 p.m. by the time they finished swimming and came in to carve the pumpkin. (Personally, I thought a beach umbrella and waves would be festive.)

Our jack-o'-lantern adorned the stoop last night, glowing brightly while we listened to an owl hooting in the forest. It felt eerily like Halloween. 

But then, with today's mid-90 degree temperatures, our poor pumpkin began to melt. So, tonight our jack-o'-lantern became a snack for happy chickens.

Have you ever found anything interesting growing in your compost bin? I'm hoping we find another pumpkin...a little later in the season.

Happy July-oween!

 ~ Julie 


  1. I thought you were going for the SC logo at first. I love it!

  2. Very cool. You win the first one of the year. Bet your neighbors thought you've lost it if they saw it on the stoop. Best, P

  3. Good for you!! love the SC themed pumpkin. I have tomatoes in my compost pile!

  4. What fun and great memories your children will remember! We had cantaloupe growing in our compost bin last summer and they were delicious!