Friday, April 27, 2012

Floral Friday.

A million years ago, when I was a new, young, single homeowner, I only cared about flowers. 

Beautiful flowers.

Maybe it had something to do with a college boyfriend. You know the type—the one who sends red roses to say he's sorry.

I despise red roses.

So, with my own tiny plot of land, I decided I'd no longer depend on some guy to deliver flowers to me.

I, as an independent woman, would grow my own bouquets.

Then life happened. Peter arrived on the scene, and I must say—he's a good flower giver. Kids magically appeared. New house, many projects, an obsessive interest in kitchen gardening consumed my time. We started businesses that needed attention.

Lots of attention.

Somewhere along the way, I forgot about the promise I made as my young self. Yes, I still grew flowers. But I couldn't remember the last time I really enjoyed them.

So today, as a way to reconnect with the pleasure of gardening, I'm announcing the Adolf family's Floral Friday.

Each Friday, I'm going out to the garden to gather whatever is pretty.

And then, to celebrate the beginning of the weekend, I'm making myself a bouquet.

Today, as Kristen arrived home from school, she found me in the front yard, pondering where to begin.

She quickly joined in the fun and made her own lovely bouquet!

The yellow rose bush followed me from my old house, and I'm so glad it did. My mom, who passed away more than a year ago, gave me the rose bush. Now, the yellow roses grace her granddaughter's Floral Friday bouquet.

I decided to try to emulate the beautiful, stunning designs created by Floret and Saipau, my favorite guilty-pleasure websites. 

Well, I'm not up to their standards, but I'll keep practicing!

Hope you, too, take a moment and enjoy your own Floral Friday!

Happy weekend to you!!

XO ~


My bouquet (with no Latin names or species, sorry) includes: peonies, gaura, lavender, yellow tea roses, honeysuckle, clematis, wisteria, irises, catmint, and lenten roses.


  1. I had those kind of liking too while young! hhahahaa.... Now I seldom enjoy the flowers too!
    This post remind me of slowing down and enjoy.... ;)
    Anyway the bouquet is pretty!

  2. Interesting blog, and gardening ideas for my life in the Sicily 's country.
    See you soon