Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Cheer.

It's December 3.

Most people are decking the halls. 

My husband, however, is building a new-and-improved, half-storage-shed, half-chicken-coop palace.

The kids are with friends, and I'm sitting in the dark office, wondering if I can hire some elf to come wire up and plug in all the lights and decorations that I have (single handly) hung outside.

Because my husband is building a chicken coop.

Fa la la.

I think it's time for a glass of Christmas cheer.

Just curious--who handles the decking of the halls in your home? You? Your spouse? Is it a team effort? And--if you don't deck the halls, I wonder--who's in charge of your festivities, such as buying holiday gifts, birthday organizing, etc? Inquiring minds (mine) want to know...

XO ~



  1. As far as decorating, it's mostly me, Julie-with some help from the little elves. Clay does the tree and some hanging but otherwise knows just to let me have my way with it. But unlike others, I do mine in stages. I enjoy it more that way (plus, I just can't manage to be that productive in one day!) On that note, I'm off to have a glass of wine-cheers, my friend!!!

  2. Maybe we should take turns at each other's house since I am the only one doing all the decorating!

  3. me, just me. Brian doesn't like Christmas, can you believe it?

  4. I do most of the decorating, but hubby puts up the tree and hangs the lights on it. :)
    The kids and I put the decorations on the tree.
    I do other decorations a bit at a time in the house.

  5. It's mostly me--over a period of several days, but I get a lotta "attagirls." =)

    This year my son did get in the action.

  6. You are definately in Chrismas Mood! Have fun!

  7. A little something to add to the discussion... whatever you've plans for christmas, it will be merry with ur family