Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A problem.

I have a problem.

I can't sit still. My newly painted, fairly uncluttered office is supposed to entice me to spend many productive hours, writing about all of those gardening chores we need to do right NOW.

After all, fall is near. It's time to think about the brassicas.

Instead, there's a monster.

Just over my shoulder.

My neck hurts from keeping tabs on it. 

We've had an abundance of writing spiders, Argiope aurantia, in our garden and around the house this summer. Perhaps it has something to do with my lack of exterior housekeeping. Our windows are grim.

I know I should herald the arrival of spiders, nature's pest control. And honestly, I do appreciate them. Truly. In fact, I embraced the resident spiders in the greenhouses this spring and summer. They provided fantastic organic pest control. I've come to terms with my mid-to severe arachnophobia. I'm a gardener. I had to get over it. Just don't crawl on me.

Then I scream like a girl. Sad but true.

So, when Kristen announced that there were not one but three writing spiders living outside the downstairs playroom/library/gym, I made the appropriate admiring noises—and even took pictures. See? I'm a good mom. I encourage the kids to respect and admire nature.

And when two writing spiders decided to make their homes outside the office window, I thought, maybe this is a sign that I'm supposed to get my heinie in the chair and start writing again.

Today, however, I keep looking over my left shoulder. There's only one spider outside the window this morning. 

And it's feasting.

Then I wonder: where is the other spider?

I think I have more boxes to unpack...


XO ~

Julie (who has a very sore neck from constant spider-surveillance)

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  1. Hey well motivation is motivation right? Even if it comes in the form of a spider :)