Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bloom, babies, bloom.

Because I'm up to my eyeballs in heirloom tomato seedlings...

Because I'm crashing from my Valentine's Day sugar high...

And because I really needed a walk outside for reassurance that, yes, spring really will come...

...some day...

...I thought I'd share a few photos of my blooming babies to help reassure you, too, that winter can't last forever.

Today is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, sponsored by May Dreams Gardens. I've promised myself that after I finish planting seeds for 40 varieties of heirloom peppers, I'm going to celebrate by virtually visiting the blooms of these lovely garden writers. 

Want to come along?

So, here are a few of my babies, working hard to add a little life to the dreary garden.

Hellebores... is there anything prettier in the winter?


Violas galore...

..and fraise des bois.

OK, I'll admit—I don't have fraise des bois blooming outside yet. Still, this greenhouse photo gives me hope that soon, soon, we'll be harvesting tiny delicacies in the garden...ahhh.

Have you visited your garden lately? You might find a blooming surprise.

Happy growing!



  1. It's so nice to see the little splashes of color in the gardens...greenhouse blooms to count, lol.

  2. That's a good number of blooms for a February day! Camellias are my favorite winter flowers!

  3. Great to see your photos from relatively balmy SC. I am in snow-covered Pennsylvania, but the temperature suddenly shot up and I managed to find some flowers outside. Happy GBBD, Carolyn

  4. aloha

    i love the winter blooms especially your helebores

    thanks for sharing this today

  5. Nothing like a head start toward spring. Absolutely nothing like seedlings! Happy Bloom Day.

  6. Pretty pictures-did you use your new camera?

  7. Isn't it fun to look around? I actually had a few more things in my garden as well, but the light wasn't good. Maybe next year...

  8. I'm jealous. I've always wanted a greenhouse. Someday....

  9. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! My amaryllis is "Apple Blossom." So your "Candy Apple" guess was half right! :-) I'm so impressed by your seedlings -- and area I am sadly lacking in. I can get seeds to germinate in the perennial beds, but don't have grow lights or the best conditions for inside germination. Lost just about everything in the tiny greenhouse this year because of two weeks of hard, hard freezes. Note to self...get a heater by next fall! Surgery went well -- glad it's behind me and after about 10 more days of babying my arm, I should be able to get some dirt under my nails again! Just in time for spring!! Yea! Thanks again for visiting. I will be checking back again. I am out of faves at the moment with Blotanical, but I will note your blog to add it later :-) My stepdaughter and hubby and our two grandkids live in SC -- Sumter.

  10. Hi Julie, welcome to GBBD, and thanks for popping over to my blog. Love your hellebore, and am awe-struck by the number of different tomatoes and chillies you are growing. I thought I had a lot with 5 of each!