Friday, October 16, 2009

Pile of Shame.

Remember my promise to curtail my purchases yesterday in honor of Blog Action Day, thus reducing the amount of packaging I would contribute to landfills and recycling stations? Well, I didn’t buy much yesterday...but several online purchases arrived--all on my “reduce purchasing and packaging” pledge day! Holy crap. Take a look at the amount of packaging that entered the Adolf house yesterday:

To add to this lovely pile of trash, we took lunch to Kristen at school--so let’s add two plastic salad containers from Zaxby’s into the pile of shame, as well as two styrofoam cups with plastic lids and straws, a paper bag, cardboard box, and plastic cup for Kristen’s kid’s meal, all nicely packaged in a plastic bag. UGH. I also purchased a contact case and solution for add two more cardboard boxes and two more plastic products to our demise of the Earth. Plus, of course, I had to buy a book at the Joel Salatin presentation last night.

I’m so embarrassed.

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  1. I ordered two plates from Crate and Barrel and the packaging filled up my living room! It could have been air-packed with two pieces of plastic but the packaging consisted of corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, regular paper and tissue paper.